As expected and as you already know, Lindsay Lohan is back in rehab…this time not at Wonderland, that f*cking joke of a treatment facility, but at Promises, where Britney did her time and countless others too. Including Ben Affleck.

As expected, her publicist is asking for media distance to allow her client to straighten herself out, which would certainly be a noble request if her client didn’t actively pursue the attention to begin with. Still, given my time working on behalf of street entrenched youth at Covenant House Vancouver, watching kids so much less fortunate try time and again to kick it, illustrating how truly classless addiction really is, it would be unforgivable to rag on Lindsay’s effort…even if the spirit behind it is probably motivated more by professional necessity than by personal volition. But still… whatever works, right?

And finally, as expected, her mother Dina Lohan is said to be distraught but “doing the best she can”. Which is probably nothing. Unless you count working on her tan and negotiating the exclusive post-rehab interview with the highest bidder…likely Entertainment Tonight, since vulturing during tragedy seems to be their schtick these days.

All sarcasm aside though, at the heart of the matter is a 20 year old girl who has now been admitted to rehab twice in less than six months. They say relapse is a part of recovery…for her sake hopefully this time she genuinely wants it.

A bit of nostalgia: Here’s Lilo well before she went to pieces. Sad smut isn’t fun smut. Fingers crossed she’ll be fun smut again soon.