Lindsay Lohan “candids” taken on minibreak in the Bahamas. Amazing how flattering she is from every angle, non? Amazing also how he’s kissing her while keeping an eye on the cameras, yes?

Still…despite the alleged drugging, nice to see the Lilo isn’t emaciated. She looks good, actually. And a really, really lovely ass. The kind of ass only found on a 20 year old. Note also that the Dirty Face wasn’t invited to the beach…which is nice. Because Lindsay really is so pretty when she’s not aged by the drugs and soiled by the poorly applied foundation/self tanner.

As for Calum Best – suddenly frontpage worthy in the UK. Do you think they risked bringing their stash across the border or do they have a local hook up? Am naïve to this – how does it work?

PS. Did your gaydar go ping? Check him out from behind...