No Vegas bender, not even an appearance at the Roosevelt for the Prince concert…no clubs, no drama, just the beach and expensive shoes and expensive presents, and 2 lingering bad influences: her mother and that depraved piece of sh-t Calum Best…

All in all a rather low key birthday for Lindsay Lohan – by appearance at least.

But still…it’s a marked improvement over last time. Last time she busted outta Wonderland and headed straight for the bar. This time she’s made it 72 hours…well done.

Having said that, though she may be clean for now, Lindsay clearly has not lost any affection for the pappies, prancing around in her bikini, angling to give them the best shots of her new healthy drug and alcohol-free body, and rockin’ some baby blue wedges… not my style but at 21, I suppose she can do whatever the hell she wants. Especially with that ass.

A lovely, lovely ass…non?

Bet your boob job Dina’s jealous.