Toxicology reports back from Lilo’s car crash in late May. Big surprise – she had cocaine in her system and twice the legal amount of alcohol.

And still, right up to that point, that mother of hers was insisting she was absolutely fine. Right.

On the one hand there’s Lynne Spears who forces her kid into rehab, sacrificing short term good will for long term LIFE. You do what it takes to save your kid.

On the other hand is Dina Lohan. Dina who gets into the SUV WITH her daughter and goes along for the ride. To the club. To the bar. Straight into the arms of that dickwad Calum Best.

And now Lindsay is at Promises, hiding from insurance agencies, hiding from the press, hiding from the law, hoping that a longer stay in treatment can save her career and keep her out of prison.

Wishful thinking if you ask me. Given the current climate, they’re lookin’ to nail every single celebrity. Lilo behind bars and perhaps Nicole Richie too. If Rocky can swing it…