Only a matter of time. Lindsay Lohan allegedly caught on videotape snorting cocaine, pulling a baggie out of her pocket and shoving her finger up a friend’s nose before hoovering some for herself. The tape, taken one night a few weeks ago at Teddy’s, has been sold to the News of the World by one of her friends with explicit details about the Lilo lifestyle and drugstyle including a blackbook list of flings and lovers.

Lindsay apparently uses heavily – sometimes up to 20 lines a day, at all times of the day, without inhibition or shame, on average up to two and a half grams by herself. When she’s high, she supposedly likes to strip off her clothes and fondle her tits, and has been known to snort cocaine off a toilet seat…all this just days after being released from treatment at Wonderland.

And then there’s the open door policy between her legs – on the night in question at Teddy’s, halfway through her binge while squeezed into a bathroom stall, Lilo proclaimed that she was “going to New York tomorrow to f&ck Jude Law.” In addition to Jude, she also claims she’s had sex with Calum Best, Benicio Del Toro, Jared Leto, James Franco, Joaquin Phoenix, James Blunt – several times with James Blunt – but while she made out with Leonardo DiCaprio word is, according to the snitch at least, they stopped short of intercourse.

So… do you believe her? How believable is a chronic drug user/famewhore anyway?

Me? I say totally believable on Del Toro and Leto, but bullsh-t on Franco who I’m told couldn’t get away from her fast enough while shooting a cameo for The Holiday, bullsh-t on Joaquin Phoenix although she did throw herself at him at the Marmont one night, bitch … please on Leo who can get serviced by a supermodel if he’s really that horny, and absolutely 100% slamdunk true with James Blunt, because he’s as desperate and as pathetic as she is.

Still waiting for fall out from today’s bombshell though knowing her, and knowing Dina Lohan, there really is only one move: Denial.

Even more curious however is the origin of the tape and the reason behind the leak. Although the paper is presenting the source as a “friend”, I’m hearing rumours that somehow Paris Hilton could be behind this – anything to detract from her own debacle, particularly if it involves bringing down her nemesis. Not lock tight, will keep you posted.

Anyway, here’s Lindsay at Il Sole on Saturday night after dinner. Now remember – this girl isn’t even 21 and she looks as though she’s made a career out of getting gang-banged. Will she clean up for the Costume Institute Gala Monday night? I’ll be there, stay tuned…

For more photos and full drugtape story, click here.
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