Lindsay Lohan is staying at Promises – was scheduled to be released next week, has instead agreed to extended care, possibly even missing a chance to celebrate her birthday away from rehab.

Shocking, non?

And while we’d all love to believe that Lilo is indeed committed to clean living and will emerge from treatment ready to face life without drugs and alcohol, still others tell me exclusively that the prolonged session was allegedly enforced by the studio behind her latest picture co-starring Shirley Maclaine. My sources say it was supposedly for insurance reasons, that the insurance company would apparently only agree to honouring their claim if Lohan completed what they considered an adequate length program for addiction.

Hollywood is after all, first and foremost, a business.

So here’s Lindsay going for a run in the hills yesterday and Bumpwatch begins anew. The always reliable Star Magazine will probably jump all over this sh-t: Lindsay pregnant and in love with bodyguard/trainer/addictions counsellor/janitor at Promises/Brad Pitt!!!

Let’s kill it before it grows, shall we? NOT pregnant.

But she’s sleeping these days instead of raging all night with a narcotic cocktail coursing through her body. Which means she’s putting on healthy weight and eating properly. A good start.