Glamour Magazine this month is all about American icons. This is why Sheila Weller tried to convince us that Katie Holmes would be one one day. Dumb.

But that’s only the beginning of the blasphemy.


You know why? They dressed several young Hollywood women as famous icons…

The most egregious offence?

Lindsay farking Lohan as Madonna.


Madonna started young from NOTHING. Madonna never lost herself. Madonna despite roughing it in New York, in seedy clubs on the scene, always had focus, always in control. She didn’t get cranked out in the backseat of a car night after night, or kidnap some dudes on a high speed meth-induced car chase down the freeway and make excuses for it OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. It’s the excuses. It’s the lack of accountability. It’s the flaunting…

Glamour Magazine – are you out of your mind???

More stupidity?

Camilla Belle as Mary Tyler Moore. The new famewhore on the block trying to leach off Robert Pattinson and a Vagina Virgin Jonas Brother? For those of you stuck in The Hills generation, the Mary Tyler Moore show featured the first single woman on television pursuing a career instead of cooking chicken in the kitchen.

In its time it was groundbreaking.

And Glamour Magazine has effectively sh-t all over its legacy with this little twat who’s trying desperately to rival Jessica Biel in pap tipping.

Did you know that not too long ago Camilla Belle tried to throw herself at Rafael Nadal? He has a girlfriend, he stayed away from her, always putting 10 people between them, but she still had someone suggest to the press that there may have been a spark. Only no one believed it.

And now she’s dressing up Mary Tyler Moore.

F-ck off!

A few brighter lights?

Alicia Keys as Michelle Obama. Love.

And my Rumey was included too! She had to share, because it’s only Rumer Willis after all, but she’s been featured in the women of Woodstock section. Yay Rumey!

Also – Emma Stone, I adore Emma Stone, as Carrie Bradshaw.

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Will you buy Glamour Magazine?