Lilo and Ali scrap over a dude? Like ripping each other’s hair out on TMZ? Let’s see.. Ali is 14. Give it a couple of years. By the time she’s 16, bet your fake tits she’ll be caught in flagrante with Lindsay’s boyfriend… Milo Ventimiglia? Don’t tell me it couldn’t happen. It could so totally happen.

And the training is so totally happening now too.

Lilo and Ali last night in NYC after dinner. That child has the look of a girl itching to give her first blowjob. Holy sh*t! Did you know the word “blowjob” passes the spell check on Microsoft Word???


What’s with Ali’s straight bangs and permy-hair? Is that a Long Island thing? Tacky. But not surprising. This is after all a child of Dina Lohan. Which actually means she’s probably already given her first blowjob.

Fellatio passes the spell check too. And twat. And jailbait. But not skank.

Why not skank???

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