Crank vs Punk Ass: the throwdown

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 11, 2010 06:28:10 May 11, 2010 06:28:10

Oh now this is a gift. Nothing like a twatty scrap to kick off a Tuesday.

So Page Six is reporting that Lindsay Lohan and Avril Lavigne threw down at the Chateau Marmont about a week ago. Apparently they were both at an event and Lilo blew off Avril until later, when she noticed Avril was with some popular people and approached collegially, at which point Avril called her out for being “fake”:

“Get the hell out of my face, you are fake, you are a loser. I don't like false people. Stay away from me and my friends.”

Lilo lost her sh-t and tried to complain to the Marmont people to have Avril thrown out. Obviously not. Because Avril’s punk poseur ass isn’t broke. In fact, Avril has tons of money. And Ms Crank on the other hand is living on overextended credit. So if the Marmont is removing anyone, it’ll be a Lohan over a Lavigne, which is not to say I’m Team Lavigne. Please.

The girl who hates “false people” happens to be f-cking Brody Jenner. Who is on The Hills. And, well, she’s living in Los Angeles living a Los Angeles lifestyle. Real isn’t really exactly the most accurate attribute for life there. And getting all crusted up over one Lindsay Lohan who can’t get invited anywhere anymore when it matters, and whose best professional prospect is playing a porn star, well, it’s not exactly a cool move on the part of someone who’s fronting like she’s above the bullsh-t of the Stupid Generation. In fact, by engaging Lilo in the first place, Avril has effectively demonstrated that she is actually a regular player in that game. So, really, who’s the loser here?

This is a busted looking Avril at the Race to Erase MS event last week.

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