New W Magazine - the clothes are great but some shots of her face are kinda bunk. Especially the cover. And the one in red. Other than those two – love, love, love. Better still, love the article, love the candour. She admits to major disappointment over the failure of Marie Antoinette and she’s honest about how she shamelessly pimped the film, blaming its eventual box office rejection to “bad taste” – petulant, yes, but she does have a point. I enjoyed Marie Antoinette. For the costuming, for the visuals, for the sweeping shots of Versailles and the exclusive glimpses into its opulence and of course for Sofia’s anachronisms – New Order in the Court of Louis XVI…sure it was a bit “lite” but um, like, Wild Hogs? Norbit? Please. I think we can all agree: Marie Antoinette is WAY more worthy than leather, bikes, and fatsuits. But I digress. This is about Kiki – her career, her “cool”, the way she’s avoided the fate of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, the impressive transition from child star to bonafide Hollywood player, the fact that she actually READS, that she actually has some legitimate interests outside of being famous, and the teeth… that despite living in the glossy plastic generic fishbowl that is Hollywood, she refuses to fix the snaggle. I totally dig that she refuses to fix the snaggle. For full interview, click here. My favourite quote? "When you get to be 17, 18, you realize, Oh, I"m famous and everyone knows who I am and maybe that wasn"t my choice completely," she says. "And that is a hard thing. Because when you"re 11, you don"t think of those consequences. Your parents should think of them for you." Hello Dina Lohan???