So she’s being introduced at that reading event yesterday at Sundance and the kids were like: is that Britney Spears? As expected, my girl gracefully took it in stride and promised to work on her dance steps before launching into a song from Oliver! and pulling out Apple’s favourite Seuss. By the end of it, the kids were clamouring to sit on her lap – People Magazine was conveniently there of course – but not before she extolled the virtues of reading: "If we can"t read and don"t enjoy it, life isn"t as interesting. When you read a book, you can use your imagination, you have a picture in your head. I love to read” - a message clearly earmarked for Lindsay Lohan …because when you learn to read you also learn to SPELL. Which means basic words like ADEQUATE don’t get raped with a grossly misplaced “I”. Source