X17. Paparazzi videos. Greatest invention, like, ever. As I said yesterday, still photos are great, still photos are very informative…but moving photos? Live footage of the tarts on the town, full of drama, talking, walking, sobbing – I admit it, I am totally addicted. The latest gem is an 8 minute clip from last night, Britney smoking and zooming around in her Porsche, ciggie attached to her mouth, mayhem following wherever she goes. And then there’s Lindsay - trying to be lowkey at the back entrance to Hyde, looks like she’s crying, being consoled by a friend, but the best, the absolute best is Dina Lohan. Dina Lohan, mother extraordinaire, middle aged parent rolling with the 20-set, a ciggie dangling from her lips, skin properly bronzed, long nails fanning her hair, bones jutting from her face… you want to fry Britney for being a sucky mom? Pause on that and fry Dina first and fry Dina more, because low classy to low classy, despite the poony pics and the skank, Britney doesn’t even come close to the gutter scraping standards of the special Lohan mothering touch. As for why Lilo was crying – apparently she had it out AGAIN with Paris last night. Full on screaming match, at one point Paris called Lindsay “you’re a f&cking coked out whore, don’t ever say you’re my friend again!” Sigh. Even in Hollywood, backstabbing has its consequences. And still there’s Dina Lohan, silently encouraging this life, letting her 20 year old daughter self destruct on the world stage. All this while maintaining perfect blonde highlights. Trust me, gossips. Britney will be fine. It’s Lilo who needs saving. X17