Almost a year ago, about the same time she entered rehab for the first of three visits, Lindsay Lohan was supposedly horny-texting Brody Jenner, telling him she was craving “McDonald’s and sex”.

Twelve months later, even though Brody apparently has a serious girlfriend, he and Lilo are both in New York and were all over each other this weekend on the club scene. Yes… the club scene. A recovering addict on the club scene. Because she thinks this is how you own it.

As for whether or not she and Brody will become the next It Couple… hardly. Sadly, our girl Lilo has officially become a Hate F&ck. And a Low Light F*ck as well. I imagine that orange is only palatable after dark.

Here she is looking bunk leaving the Waverly the other night and worse still… possibly looking rougher than Tara Reid.

Not THAT is rock bottom.

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