CAUTION: NUDITY! She ain’t the first and she certainly won’t be the last – but the question is…why, why, why??? In a town that can create the most magical and also the most disturbing costumes and faces with make up and technology and prosthetics and advancement in special effects, why is it that the ability to lasso one’s breasts within the confines of one’s dress – no matter how skimpy – has managed to elude so many of Hollywood’s young starlets? Take a look at La Lohan from the GM fashion event the other day. This titillating shot of her young and perky rightside lady has appeared on every gossip blog from here to Casablanca, generating yet another round of buzz about my favourite “it” girl. Of course she’s no virgin to the nipslip, as you can see from this flashback of a fuller figured Lindsay with what at the time looked to be a manufactured set of jubbs. In examining the history of the nipslip however, there is no more famous incident than the scarred nipple flash seen around the world. You know who I’m talking about. Tara Reid, the girl who cannot hold her liquor or her breasts and who still can’t find a job. Other less disturbing slippers include Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton (on too many occasions to count), Mandy Moore, Keira Knightley, Mischa Barton, Kirsten Dunst, and Rachel McAdams – all part of an illustrious club of exposers who have shared a part or a whole of their mammary region with the free smutting world. So here’s the question: what is the reason behind the nipslip epidemic? Do stylists these days have less attention to detail? Can so many similar accidents happen to so many different people? Or has the nipslip become a calculated PR move, an automatic guarantee to have your client’s tit splashed everywhere from People to Perez? I simply can’t decide. For Mandy and Rachel, goody two shoes to the max, it is likely that these incidents were innnocent. Especially Rachel. I mean, if she had really wanted everyone to see her tit, she probably would have plucked that unfortunate breast hair off first. But what about the others? What about the Hollywood Slut Brigade? Are you telling me Jessica Simpson isn’t above flashing her hoots as well as her cooch? Put it this way y’all. If Jennifer Lopez, in that much talked about green Versace circa 2000, was able to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, I have no doubt everyone else is capable of doing it too. Which brings us back to Lindsay. Intentional or not? You tell me.