When she is at her lowest, when she’s the most cranked out ever, Lindsay Lohan always develops a signature foundation problem. Here she is at the ESPN Super Bowl party where Samantha Ronson was hired to DJ. Also worth noting, as pointed out by my colleague Jeffrey, she’s not exactly dressed for Tampa Bay. There were tits pouring out of dresses that night, bare legs for miles, but Lilo kept covered up, perhaps to curb criticism over her bones. 

Surprisingly enough, Lindsay and Sam did not stay for the game. They dashed out right away, arriving back at LAX on Sunday and unlike the last time they came home from Florida (New Year’s Eve), there was no screaming match meltdown at the airport. In fact, Lilo seemed in great spirits and Samantha stoic as usual. Word is she’s trying to keep her stable as anything these days can the Lohan off. And it’s not like there’s any family around to give a sh-t, you know? 

Photos from Wenn.com and Bauergriffinonline.com