has obtained an unabridged version of the email Lindsay Lohan sent out to 18 people as a war cry to save her career. They"ve also taken it a step further by attempting to contact those on the distribution list, including Lindsay"s publicist Leslie Sloane Zelnick who replied that she had no knowledge of its existence. As you can see, the missive is riddled with typos and grammatical errors, not unusual for a girl who grew up on a film set without the benefit of a proper education. Thank you Dina Lohan. What kills me though are the attempts to sound articulate - an infliction endemic not just among child stars but throughout Hollywood as a whole. Just because they"re scripted with dialogue written by real writers, it somehow gives them the delusion that they can actually put together sentences on their own. If you ask me, she would have been better off saying: I need help. I am angry. Please help me. Please call Al Gore and Hillary Clinton. The tabloids are mean. They take pictures and make me sad. No exactly a lot of flair but still...girls in grade 4 are more erudite than she is. Thanks Marcail! Source