Source Stumbling around Area and Hyde in LA, drunk and stoned off her poon, seems to have lost its attraction compared to the endless pleasures of London – and who can blame her? London f&cking rocks! And London has provided Lilo with a new romantic interest. His name is Calum Best, famous for no other reason than being born to a famous footballer and participating in several reality tv shows – impressive, non? Here they are, leaving a club hand in hand last night... as you can see, Calum’s influence has done nothing for her coke bloat though happily, the dirty face seems in check, replaced by a curious little bump around the midsection that has less to do with a baby (no way) than it has to do with not eating and drinking too much. Oh to be 20 again. Do you think he’s attractive? I don’t. He reminds me of that freaky lookin’ actor who played Imhotep the Mummy in The Mummy – he of the rotting face. I’m sure decaying flesh works for some, but I’m sorry to say it’s never worked for me and thus whenever I see Calum Best, all I see is someone dead inside which, I suppose, is perfect for Lindsay Lohan.