The Firecrotch overheats

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 27, 2006 12:00:00 July 27, 2006 12:00:00
Have you heard? Lilo was hospitalised yesterday for getting too hot on the set of her new movie Georgia Rule. It was a scorching day in Hollywood and apparently she withered under the sun, after working for over 10 hours straight. Right. You ever been on a film set? You ever been on a film set with an A-list actor? Let me tell you how it goes, ok? There are these big vehicles called trailers? And the bigger the star, the bigger the trailer? And, like, when the actor isn"t under the cameras, she"s usually in the trailer? So the director and all the techie people, they, like, set up the shots and make sure the lighting is right and then when everything"s in place, some little minion runs to the trailer and says, "Miss Fabulous? They"re ready for you", at which point Miss Fabulous comes out of the air conditioned trailer and goes into the shot and tries to do it as many times as it takes to get it right while make up artists and assistants hover around with water or M&Ms or whatever"s needed to placate the star and after 15 hours of repeating the same trailer to set to trailer thing over and over again, the star gets to go home. But then again, I"m sure on a Lohan film set, it"s, like, totally different, you know? I"m sure she slums it with the labourers, you know? Like, not even a trailer, not even a special chair with her name on the back of it. Nuh uh, gossips. Lindsay probably waits around, sitting on the f&ckin" curb. Well no wonder she was rushed to emergency! Wouldn"t you crumble under the pressure of such an overwhelming life? The parties, the clothes, the men, the bikini changes, the smoking, the drinking - it"s exhausting, non? And as we all know, the ONLY remedy for EXHAUSTION in Hollywood is hospitalisation! Funny thing is, every time a starlet gets admitted for "exhaustion", she always comes out two dresse sizes smaller. Hello Lindsay, hello Ashlee, hello Lindsay again? Coincidence or conspiracy? Overheating or overstarving??? She did look rather svelte in that flesh coloured bikini at the Piv"s party over the weekend, didn"t she? And while we"re at it, what kind of miracle cure for exhaustion do LA-area facilities administer that enables patients to get up and go clubbing just a few hours later? Because did you know Lilo and Harry Morton were out on the town last night? On the same day she collapsed on the set? Anyway, here are a few more photos of her 20 year old ass from the Pivert"s festivities. You know he"s 41, right? Just asking…

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