Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff used to hate each other. Over a boy, of course. Shame is… that boy was Aaron Carter.


But it’s been a few years, they’ve both starved themselves thin, one got new teeth, the other went to rehab, and now both have realised there is a greater enemy to fight – a foe so formidable, it’s best to join ranks and battle the disease together.

Of course, none other than Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton.

So the girls ran into each other at Les Deux a few nights ago. They hugged, they danced side by side, and they openly skewered Paris Hilton, with Lilo imitating Paris’s spastic dance moves and mashing up her face to copy her wonky eye.

Do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

And do you think Paris will take this lying down spread eagle? For once… Hell no.

Paris is a vengeful bitch. So if I were Lils and Hils, I’d keep looking over my bony shoulder. Paris will exact revenge somehow. And it will get ugly. And by summer a full scale war will break out.

Love, love, love.