I"m sure you"ve seen these already but since I"m a day behind, you"ll bear the reruns, won"t you? Besides, what"s to complain about? Lindsay Lohan has her shoved in someone"s privates. Granted, it"s in the name of artistic sacrifice but still… are you a smuthound or are you a f&cking smuthound? So here she is, performing the unspeakable during a scene for Georgia Rule, in which she plays a troubled young girl who gets shipped off to grandma"s house where she presumably finds a new young man to blow at the lake. I"ve no doubt it"s gripping drama…but really, who cares about the plot when her body language indicates a level of headgiving comfort that belies her youthful demeanor? Not that I"m a trained professional or anything but at the tender age of 20, girl looks like she"s already developed a signature technique. Impressive, non? And don"t even TRY to blush, ok? If you"re a girl or a gay, I KNOW you have a technique - a personal approach you"ve practised and perfected over time and experience. Having said that, and without crossing the propriety line by getting into specifics, how does it make you feel that this little squirt - under the mentorship of major players like Colin Farrell, Leo D, Wilmer Valderrama, and Jared Leto - can probably out-fellate all of us? In the immortal words of the brilliant Ali G - Lindsay Lohan gives the best sex in mouth and for that, she deserves yo" RESPEK. West side. Bouyakasha. Out. Photo source