Drama always wins

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 11, 2010 07:48:18 January 11, 2010 07:48:18

Lindsay Lohan. She can’t follow up a win with a win. And you’d think that, especially with so few wins in her life these days, she’d at least want to savour a rare one. Oh no. This is the Lilo. And the drama always overrides everything.

Friday afternoon, the trailer for her trip to India was released. The irony, non? Lindsay Lohan investigating child trafficking when she herself was trafficked by her own mother Hollywood styles (thanks Em!) See clip below.

Jesus, her lips are so distracting.

Still, it’s the first occasion in a long while when the story hasn’t been about Lilo cracktweeting or sh-tfaced or stealing designs or scrapping with her lover. And how does she capitalise on the goodwill?

By hitting the club, of course, on the weekend, with a bodyguard who proceeded to aggressively run over a pap who was injured in the collision and is now claiming he’ll sue her ass for everything. This has now become the headline. India is on the backburner. And save it with your paparazzi protests. Not this time. Not about her. Because you know she courts it. And you she can’t live without it. And if she really wanted to live without it, she wouldn’t be stepping out every night, frequenting the most celebrity-friendly places in town.

Just curious though...

About her probation...

And those alcohol education classes she’s supposed to be attending as ordered by the court – does partying on a yacht with her 16 year old sister and bottles of Grey Goose lying around, does this constitute Alcohol Education?

Photos from Roshan Perera /Spalshnewsonline.com

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