Every day another city…such is the life of movie promotion.

Here’s my Kiki in Rome today on the Spidey train, headed for what is expected to be a record breaking massive blockbuster worldwide opening between May 1 and May 4 depending on where you live. As I mentioned last week, her wardrobe for this crazy press tour has been and will continue to be killer…and the blue for today’s photo call is no exception.

UK tabloids had her partying hard last night with boyfriend Johnny Borrell after the London premiere but as you can see, Kirsten Dunst, though perhaps a little tired, showed up and reported for work. So maybe there IS hope for Lindsay Lohan?

Which brings us to the history between Tobey and Kiki…many of you asked for background following yesterday"s allusion.

All hearsay and conjecture of course, several theories floating around starting with her behaviour and his behaviour from Spideys 1 and 2 over and above those dating rumours when filming started on the first movie. Over and above and MUCH more scandalous:

According to his supporters she was high off her tree half time, nodding off, lolling around and delaying production. None of that has ever been convincingly substantiated but in case you’re wondering, the poison of choice was heroin. Allegedly allegedly.

Her supporters on the other hand say it was his ego, his unprofessionalism that caused a rift. That he showed up unfit for work on the sequel - he actually subsequently acknowledged some of this - and as a result, she felt he was wasting her time. Kiki also tried to convince producers to replace him with Jake Gyllenhaal who she was of course dating at the time. When that failed, she then said that she couldn’t understand why Tobey would want to f&ck up his opportunity with the franchise since he wasn’t likely to have a career beyond it anyway. Ouch. And then when Tobey started dating Jennifer Meyer, she added that he was only seeing her because Jennifer was the daughter of the head of Universal, meaning he wouldn’t have to work so hard for roles.

All of this, allegedly allegedly…

More recently, Tobey, now that he is totally reformed and a family man with a good attitude and priorities in check, is said to be frustrated with her because of her lack of initiative. Word is Kiki’s been complaining about having to do too much press to promote the film.

Still others say there is no truth to any and all and that any friction is only stemming from the fact that they are like brother and sister, they have worked together closely on three movies, and as such are bound to get moody and grumpy with each other, much like siblings who’ve spent an inordinate amount of time bickering and bonding and everything in between.

Gossip Buffet – you pick.