I"m going to preface this by gloating a little. I promise I have a point, I am not I"m doing it gratuitously, and it is all about setting a precedent. Waaay back, on January 15th, I was the first to report that Sienna Miller and Hayden Christensen were hooking up on the set of Factory Girl. A week later, the incomparable Ted Casablanca also wrote about the working romance. The photos came out a few weeks later, and you know the rest. Now I'm telling you this because while gossip is always a risky game, there are some threads and some sources that are as rock solid as they come. So trust me when I tell you that I am on the Hayden beat.

Which brings us to this recent bit of gossip floating around that he enjoyed a flirtation and maybe more with the ubiquitous Lindsay Lohan. So Lindsay recently sat down for an interview with Harper's Bazaar at the Chateau Marmont. During the interview she was distracted by an unnamed "young Hollywood" actor, one of 3 lounging about at the hotel that day, who was sending her some very suggestive body language from what I imagine was across the courtyard. Later on, she starts texting him and they carry on a text flirtation until the session is over at which point she gets up to join her mystery man. And while the writer did not divulge the identity of Lilo's admirer, an internet rumour has surfaced suggesting that it was Hayden Christensen. As a result, a flood of you have personally emailed me for verification. According to my sources, and you will recall my sources on HC are slamdunk, it was definitely not Hayden Christensen. With the exception of a few days here and there including the MTV Movie Awards, I'm told Hayden has spent much of the last 8 weeks in Canada, as he usually does when he's not working. I also hear that the few brief visits he made to LA did not include any crossover with Lindsay and everyone I've talked to is highly skeptical of any inclination on his part to get involved with her (but you know she’s my girl, right?). Evidently, the episode with Sienna and the resulting notoriety is not something he wishes to relive. And that, really, is the crux of it. Hayden is not and has never been Jake Gyllenhaal. He is not photographed every other day buying coffee at Urth Caffe. He also doesn’t roll with the kind of celebrity party scene that frequents the Chateau Marmont, and more importantly, for a guy who refuses to address his personal life in interviews, who refuses to answer whether or not he was ever with Natalie Portman, why the hell would he suddenly start eyef&cking the sh*t out of Hollywood"s most notorious serial dater…in front of a reporter???

From what I've heard, Lindsay has crushed on Hayden for a while now. Last July, I reported exclusively on eTalk that she was pretty excited to meet him when she thought he might show up at an event she was hosting. Although that particular opportunity never materialised, they do know each other casually and word is she's had him on the “list" for some time. Unfortunately for her, the only casual communication they've had thus far has been purely professional - a potential project that has since fallen through. So for now, gossips, the Hayden/Lindsay romance has yet to materialise. For now. As she said herself, she goes for what she wants. And by all accounts, it sounds like her firecrotch is marked for Hayden. Image Source