If you must, X17 has the uncensored photo of Britney flashing her bald little Brit, a move largely attributed to Lindsay Lohan these days but if memory serves, circa 2004, Diddy’s party at Cipriani - it was Paris who pulled out her poon in a bold attempt to wrench back attention from Tara Reid whose top fell off exposing a badly scarred ghetto tit … see attached, not of Tara’s badly scarred ghetto tit but of Paris’s pink plumpy, perhaps the inaugural pink plumpy that hailed an era of pink plumpies to follow, the most recent of course being the pink plumpy belonging to Britney who has now joined the lippy fray, oh joy. Not the smartest strategy for securing sole custody of the children but in her case, she’s not exactly fighting a formidable foe, is she? So while that loser persists in his pathetic attempts to avoid his eventual fate – a minor footnote in the story of her life - Britney took advantage of her mother’s mothering talents and let loose, way loose, with Paris all weekend, from Malibu to Hollywood and then back to Malibu. Here’s the chronology: Saturday afternoon, Paris is spotted driving around Malibu, freaking out on her cellphone about some guy while draggin’ off a funky smellin’ ciggie…two hours later she’s shopping with Britney and trust me when I tell you – they were DELIGHTED to have the company of the small village of pappies redirected from Lilo Watch lapping at their feet. Later on, with the babies presumably tucked in bed under the watchful eye of Grandma, Britney and Paris were out again…this time for some clubbing in Hollywood followed by a party in the Hills where they stayed until well after 4 a.m. But not before a high speed car chase. Word is, Paris took the wheel and she drove like a madwoman, supposedly running several red lights in an attempt to elude photographers – curious since she’s always so happy to see them wherever she goes. And given their outfits on this night, I find it very hard to believe they weren’t looking for an audience. As you can see, Britney brought her ladies out, and before you ask – no, I do not think she had them done but I do think she’s pushing them together slightly at the elbows and, at the risk of providing too much information, mine do the same and look the same when I push them together like so as well. In addition to the ample cleavage however you will note also that for some reason, the two decided to share fishnets and at some point in the evening, Paris took off one leg and gave it to her new BFF, quite obviously the mark of a long lasting friendship, one that will likely continue at least for another week, when Britney turns 25, flanked by her new lackey at what promises to be the party to end all parties. Anyway, the two then ended up back in Malibu on Sunday – it was the Thanksgiving destination for many celebrities including the Gyllenhaals and Jennifer Aniston – and it’s where they spent the day getting ready for the night… new photos surely to follow.