Well now here’s a healthy combination: Lindsay Lohan who went clubbing fresh outta rehab…and Robbie Williams who also went clubbing fresh out of rehab - it’s really so right it couldn’t be more right, non?

Last night at the premiere of The Tudors, pinned pupils everywhere, and that outfit sucks large ass.

But in addition to Robbie, there is of course the matter of James Blunt, with whom Lilo was seen a few days ago, prompting speculation that she is somehow attracted to his pasty flu-like complexion, to say nothing of that mouthful of honking teeth. Me personally? I don’t believe it.

What I do believe is the hook up with Greek Stav. He wants to get back at Ebola, she wants to get back at Ebola, he’s a drunk, she’s a drunk…totally makes sense.

As for The Tudors debuting on Showtime - I suppose it’s their answer to HBO’s Rome… which is no surprise. I LOVE Rome. And the court of Henry VIII is obviously juicy fodder for a miniseries, especially with all that gay sex in the stables and the androgynous Jonathan Rhys Meyers playing the title role. Pray Goddess they don’t cut that sh-t out.