So says Page Six which reported today that the two were spotted going back to his hotel room last night after a night of partying at Lotus. This would make it the 3rd time she"s been on her back for a new dude in the last two weeks, beginning with Jonathan Rhys Meyers 10 days ago, followed by some Olympic snowboarder, and now Wil V, all while allegedly still carrying on a top secret relationship with Jared Leto. But since this is gossip from the Post, let"s operate on the 75/25 rule, meaning that 25% of the sh*t you read on there is actually sh*t and the other 75% qualifies as legitimate scoop. Based on this foolproof formula, I"m going to say the Olympian is the red herring, leaving the other 3 as likely candidates to have deposited seminal fluid all over La Lohan"s $5,000 sheets. Now before you go calling the girl a slut and whore, let"s just keep things in perspective and allow me to defend my girl. Because if you consider what"s going on at any university campus across North America, Lindsay"s antics are actually rather tame. So she f*cked 3 guys in the space of 2 weeks. By University of Western Ontarion standards - and I went to the most renowned party school in Canada - that"s actually pretty frickin" chaste. There were girls in my dorm who could rival Paris Hilton for looseness and we are talking different partners morning, between classes midmorning, noon, between classes in the afternoon, and night. So lay off my new favourite girl, ok? I love her. And I"m happy she"s getting her freak on while she"s young and horny. It"s much better than getting married a virgin and sucking Johnny Knoxville off in a trailer while your poor husband ends up looking like a chump, don’t you think???