Mistreats her own body? Fine. sh-ts all over her own career? Fine too. But ruin the lives of 2 dogs on a whim? Check out the hardpartying Lilo on the cover of the new GQ, rehabilitated and clubbing every night, and graduating from water to mystery liquid to champagne as seen by practically everyone in New York. But when she came out of Wonderland a few weeks ago, she told the magazine that she was trying to settle down, to live a more low key lifestyle. "I bought two puppies today! Sober impulse buying of companions who will help me stay home etc. A Jack Russell terrier. named him Brooklyn. he"s white and black (like Chanel), and a yorkie named Dakota (like my movie name and my lil bro)." Clearly it didn’t work. Which means that best case scenario, the two little guys are sitting at home (wherever that is) being ignored by a housekeeper and worst case scenario, she gave ‘em away again, tossed off like last year’s handbag. What else do you do with an accessory that no longer goes with your image??? And what kind of a person can so carelessly leave this behind? My Marcus the Beagle and his friend Nelson the Bulldog. Two boys, just like Lilo’s, she neglected hers as soon as she brought them home, and worse yet – all for a crack at Dandy Pants Jude Law? I heard she wants a piece of that so badly, she goes on a rampage to meet him every time they’re in the same city. Lindsay Lohan: horny, cheap, useless, hates dogs. Bitch is dead to me. Source and Source