The leggings, the blow, the partying, the overt copycat style…and now a romance with a hermaphroditic freak who also happened to date Kate. It"s tragic, non? How hard my girl is trying to be Moss? An endearing reminder that even though she looks like she"s 50, Lindsay is still a teenager, with all the insecurities and the slumps and the uncertainties that come with your teens. His name is Jamie Burke - part boy, part girl, part Pete Doherty, and 100% revolting. It reminds me a little of a younger JT Leroy, the mystery writer behind one of the most fascinating literary riddles in recent memory. If you"re not familiar with the story and if you were enthralled with the James Frey and Kaavya Viswanathan scandals, google JT Leroy and read The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things. Now that is some crazy sh*t. But I digress again. So Lindsay has a new boy/girl. And she was also in Hollywood last night to promote Just My Luck. As you can see from her appearance at the afterparty, it doesn"t look like she"s fixed that dirty foundation problem. It also doesn"t look like she"s fixed any of her other problems. Which really is too bad. I like this girl so much.