The National Enquirer is owning the smut landscape these days, non? A new explosive report in their latest issue: Lindsay Lohan overdosed on coke and pills at the Chateau Marmont on November 12, her friend found her unconscious, called a doctor who discovered large quantities of blow and prescription drugs on the scene and after reviving her, strongly suggested she get into rehab which, of course, she refused…and now she’s hopped over to London to hang out with the contoured cheekbones of Kate Moss and Keira Knightley. To add further legitimacy to the story though, Jossip (thanks Mandy!) is now reporting that Lilo’s publicist Leslie Sloane Zelnik was contacted about the claims and shockingly did not bother to lie and issue a denial…can you believe it? Or maybe it’s a deliberate move? Leslie has repped other trainwrecks like Britney and Whitney and I wonder if it’s her way, having had so much previous experience, of accelerating Lindsay’s encounter with rock bottom so that she can attempt to revive her immediately thereafter. By not killing this story, Leslie is opening up renewed intense and mainstream speculation into Lohan’s drug use...pretty soon her client will have nowhere to hide, hopefully she’ll sober up as a result. Is it Machiavellian? Of course. But perhaps warranted too. After all, if that drunk ass floozy of a mother won’t save my girl, it’s nice to know someone will. Source