Mathematically speaking , Lindsay Lohan won’t win an Oscar until she’s 35 but I do applaud the singleminded determination with which she’s approached the task. Who wants an Oscar more than Lilo? Who talks about winning an Oscar more than Lilo? Who else is this desperate for Oscar? So desperate you can smell it... But forget showing up to work on time - what better way to let the most powerful producers in Hollywood what you’re worth than pulling it together only for the most important movie premieres? Take Bobby for example, Lindsay arrived for the AFI screening of the movie last night, Dirty Face tucked away, Patent Leather Firecrotch temporarily put to rest, an uncontroversial, inoffensive black dress, hair nicely styled in classic waves … Lilo does look lovely when she tries, non? And, truth be told, she really does need to keep trying. I realize Hyde is tempting. I realize living in LA brings with it the endless lure of temptation, especially for a 20 year old with access anywhere, anytime. But if she’s going to be working with Keira Knightley, she may as well start acting like Keira Knightley: unclean behind closed doors, very clean before the pappies – a foolproof Oscar nominated strategy that just might work for Lilo in London when they start shooting next March. Just imagine it: A happy reunion with Kate Moss, a burgeoning friendship with Keira and Rupert… never mind Rimmel gossips - Lilo’s London Look will be all about the cheekbones. Superior Pics Source