Damn. Scarlett Johansson is scrapping with everyone these days. You’ll recall that I reported on Sunday that she and Keira Knightley are gearing up for a potential red carpet rumble on Monday at the Globes. And now comes word via Gawker that Scarlett is also being targeted by none other than La Lohan, who lit up NYC the other night with Kate Moss and apparently scrawled “Scarlett is a bloody c***” on a bathroom wall. See attached. Now thems some fightin’ words!!! 

And the question is – why the animosity against the ScarJo? Is it simply because she’s a bitch? Or is it just standard industry jealousy? Think about it. While Lindsay has to putter about in Disney flicks and magic cars, Scarlett’s resume consists mostly of prestige pictures, working with directors like Sofia Coppola and Woody Allen, and actors such as Colin Firth and Ewan McGregor. In addition to this – I’m hearing Lindsay lobbied HARD for the lead role in The Nanny Diaries that eventually went to, you guessed it, Scarlett Johansson. Layers, y'all. Layers and layers of gossip fodder here. Delicious, non? This, my friends, is the future of smut. Young starlets rivaling for parts and eating each other alive in Hollywood. I can hardly wait. 

And finally, to sum up Lohan’s seemingly interminable week of bad PR, you’ll no doubt have read the Page 6 report this morning of her antics with Kate Moss. Strip clubs, pole dancing, suggestively kissing and feeling each other up, cussing at the pappies – the standard evening of fun for two starving cokeheads over a decade apart. Thank Goddess for Lindsay Lohan. I can’t imagine what we’d do without her.