My girl was looking rather unkempt in London at the weekend – check out her hose.


Now if Eva Green was walking around with ladders in her nylons, I’d be all over it with praise. But on Lindsay Lohan, it’s just another complementary attribute to her Dirty Face and her Coke Bloat.


When will this girl get her sh-t right?

Chances are – definitely not in London where she is not endearing herself to anyone. First she was jeered at the World Music Awards for sucking ass last week, then she lost a 20 thousand pound Cartier bracelet on loan and had to write a cheque to pay it off, her hotel suite has been a popular hangout for unsavoury types that come and go freely much to the chagrin of management, she had a meltdown at a local club when she suffered the indignity of being asked to pay the tab – insulted that the lowly task was not handed to her manager, and of course she’s apparently been partying hard and sleeping in, neglecting professional engagements per usual.

Wonder how Keira Knightley will take to Lilo’s drama when they start shooting together next year. Something tells me that set is going to get ugly…

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