I’m an actress – I just want to act.

How many times, gossip? How many times have you heard her repeat the refrain? A smart move, I suppose, because Lindsay Lohan isn’t known for acting anymore, is she?

And so the reason behind the constant reminders, this time in Nylon as she discusses her upcoming movie I Know Who Killed Me, in which she takes on the role of a stripper whose kidnapper cuts off her legs.

Apparently she also engages in her first sex scene – something she claims she’d never do but was finally convinced when she realised that she is a true thespian…and true thespians gamely submit to cinematic sex:

"At first I was like "I can"t do this, I"m getting my leg cut off. I don"t want to look like that in scenes, I want to look decent!" But that was just me being young and stupid. And I have my first sex scene in it, which I always said I wouldn"t do. I wanted to do this movie so people can see that I"m a f***ing actress and I"ve been doing it forever and it"s about time people see that. It felt so good to really get to act."

Are you rolling your eyes or what?

And remember, this is the same girl who had signed on to Keira Knightley’s latest project about Dylan Thomas – one of those small little films that usually garners critical favour. Lilo claims she dropped out…but you’ll recall, I reported exclusively from sources that producers supposedly dumped her in favour of Sienna Miller, who ironically enough has managed to pull it together a helluva lot quicker than Lindsay Lohan.

Then again, British producers must be daft, right? Too daft to appreciate the talents of Lindsay Lohan, right?

And so here she is, back in NYC after a mini break with Calum Best in the Caribbean, hitting up a gifting lounge for a boatload of swag which is exactly how a real actor like Kate Winslet honed her craf.