Although DaVinci is certainly getting the lion"s share of attention leading up to Cannes, there is another movie many of us are waiting for. Especially since Sofia Coppola"s two previous endeavours were so f&cking brilliant. Marie Antoinette is one of the most eagerly awaited films of the festival and with the burden of the title role, debuting in France of all things, on such a huge international stage, word is Kiki D is putting the finishing touches on her festival wardrobe and apparently, she is wigging out under pressure. Because as nasty and as irritating and arrogant and smacked out as she is, Kiki Dunst has a very distinct, very fresh, very cutting edge red carpet resumé. And as crazy as this sounds, she"s been lauded for it far and wide. So with a heavy slate of major, major stars expected to descend on the Riviera over the fortnight, including Ms. Lindsay Lohan, Kirsten wants to rock every photo call, every event, every opportunity - she wants to own the show. Which is why dealing with her is rumoured to be a f&cking beast. I hear she"s driving people mad with her demands. And I hear packaging her appearances - just from a fashion point of view - has been quite the production on its own. Now that"s what I call some serious hype. All these expectations, all this anticipation…will Kiki be a bust? I"ll try to give you the goods first hand. After all, did I mention I"ll be dropping in on Cannes? It is, after all, only a quick half hour from Nice, n"est-ce pas?