What’s worse…

Straight to DVD or straight to TV, then DVD?

This is Lindsay Lohan’s career. Give it up for Dina’s favourite word : Justice!

Access Hollywood is reporting that Lilo’s film Labour Pains will not hit theatres, airing instead on ABC Family first in July before hitting video shelves in August.


She apparently also has another straight to TV then DVD project in the works with Nick Cannon – something about an aspiring fashion girl who gets set up on a blind date with a blind dude. Sounds like Amanda Seyfried is totally fighting her for the part.

How is she celebrating her new status as a TV Girl? With her mother and her sister last night at the Sunset Tower. Love this little detail according to an eyewitness:

"They really showed a united front. I don't know how much they talked together, or how much was eaten, but they were definitely there as a family."

No talking, no eating…but definitely a family.

Only in f-cking Hollywood would an observer qualify this as a “family” outing.

Labour Pains trailer is below. Major foundation problems.

Also here – video of Lilo’s Nylon photo shoot where you can really see how f-cking scrawny she is. Beautiful girl but cranked out starving is a terrible thing.


File photo of Lindsay on the set of Labour Pains from Richard Beetham/Splashnewsonline.com