Celebrities really aren’t “just like us”, are they? Not only are they thinner and richer and much more beautiful, their bodies also convalesce with almost immortal speed. As evidenced by Lindsay Lohan, in the hospital for a day, reportedly for “appendicitis”, released within 24 hours, clubbing just minutes after that…and still, whatever she was in for, whatever she had trimmed – or pumped for that matter, given that she looks much worse for wear – whatever it was, it seems to have been cleared up and taken care of relatively quickly. And from several gossiping doctors who read this site regularly, such rapid recovery post-appendectomy is HIGHLY unusual…if not impossible. But here’s Lilo, on her own two feet, water bottle present, ciggies present, Dirty Face definitely present. Clearly the hospital can’t cure Dirty Face. And clearly the hospital can’t get rid of that bloat, which is why I’m now thinking “appendicitis” in this case might not be code word for self improvement – ie. Lipo, weight loss, plastic surgery – but for self preservation. As in OD and survival, as in a lump of charcoal or a needle to the heart…and that would certainly explain the rough puke expression all over her face, non? Source X17