Contrary to popular opinion, I wouldn"t call this a double chin. A true double chin emerges without provocation and in this case, since she seems to be pulling her face towards her neck, it really doesn"t count. I"m more alarmed by the condition of her young skin: it"s droopy, it"s not fresh, it seems to have lost elasticity, there"s a doughy texture to her overall package that belies her 20 years…not something that can easily be restored, something she"ll undoubtedly regret at 35, when the invincibility of youth has faded along with everything else, when her 3rd comeback is just a little less spectacular because her face can"t be saved. Gossips… I fully believe in the "It" of the Lohan, but I do worry her genes can"t take much more. Dear Godess: Drew. Intervention. Please. And Soon. Photos from