New images showed up today on MySpace and PopSugar of party happy Lohan with what everyone thinks is a line of coke on the table. Other photos show a large bong as a centerpiece and Lindsay in various poses all while giving the finger. Now there’s a shocker. Lindsay Lohan doing drugs? You don’t f&cking say! Once again, let me take this back to her useless, selfish cow of a mother Dina Lohan, who is too busy rubbing herself all over the mounds of money her daughter makes to bother giving a sh*t about the decadent lifestyle her kid has been living for the last 3 years. The good news is she’s only 19, plenty of time to grow up. The bad news is that at this rate, she’s going to f&ck and snort her way to career suicide if someone doesn’t take a paddle and smack some sense into her weaved up little head. Or perhaps she can be convinced to divorce both her parents, Barrymore herself out of trouble, and live to write a book about it. Fingers crossed, gossips. Fingers crossed.