So I was talking to my producer Duana at eTalk Daily the other day and we were saying that it would be totally kick ass to go back to 18, knowing what we know now, but looking like we looked like then. Lithe athletic bodies, virginal unprocessed hair, fresh skin glowing with promise, an ass that could speak several languages and sing a song if you asked it to. Pair that with some maturity and a better sense of style and the good sense to avoid catsuits and overly baggy jeans and hot pants and scrunchies and damn…I would have been hot. Sigh. And while I"m sure this isn"t a unique train of thought by any stretch of the imagination, I think this is the reason why it pains us so much to see someone like Lindsay Lohan throwing her youthful good looks to the wind and doing her best to appear at least 10 years older than she actually is. Take a look. And despite the fact that she"s wearing a scarf with a skull on it, my girl looks aged. Very, very old. Very, very tired. Do I need to remind you that she"s not even 20? So is there any wonder, gossips? Is there any wonder why the work starts at 16 or 17???