It’s a dead heat. Half of you think Britney is the greater trainwreck, the other half Lindsay. The winners and their positions below, don’t forget there’s the Desperate Giveaway that closes on Saturday, and another exclusive offer later today, with Runway coming next week. Oh and one more thing – since we’re on the subject of these 2 Hollywood disasters, perhaps a quick moment today to think about the legitimate ones: World Aids Day today, there are a number of great organizations you can support to fight the pandemic. Sorry ‘bout the downer, on with the winning responses: Nada for bringing Madonna into the equation: Kabbalah was a clear copying of Madonna, K-fed signifies a serious lack of judgment and sisterhood (clearly not in that order), Chaotic was a clear copying of Newlyweds, Crotch shots are a clear copying of…Lindsay Lohan (I"m speechless). To copy the trainwreck that is Lindsay Lohan is to embody a whole other class(lessness) of trainwreck. Britney wins (and loses). Lauren for bringing Elvis into the equation: Hands down, Lilo. The key word is LEGACY. It doesn"t matter what Britney is NOW, people will always see what she WAS and hold on to the image for dear life. I call it Elvis Syndrome. The man ballooned to the size of a Hummer and nobody really cared becasue when they looked at him all they saw was the slightly dangerous, slim, sexy teen that brought them feel good music and reminded them of their youth. And that is what Britney is to this generation. When I hear Britney"s music or see a photo of her I am immediately transported to grade ten P.E class, and we were doing a dance unit so of course we all ran out and bought the album and taped the music video off MuchMusic and spent hours perfecting our air dry humps, and bought matching yellow and red track suits and totally got an A on the assignment and then at the winter dance that Thursday night we busted the routine and felt like superstars... This is what I mean by legacy. Although she has revealed herself to be a dumb, trashy, drunk, ill fit mother of two, nobody really cares because way back when she brought us kicky dance grooves right when we were starting to really hate the grunge movement. Britney will get her comeback cause as Ralph Wiggum put it....."I cho cho choooooose you" Britney to carry on. Christine for bringing Tennessee Williams into the equation (well done!): To delve properly into this cultural conundrum, one must call to mind the great Tennessee Williams. In his masterpiece, "A Streetcar Named Desire," he introduced us to two different but flawed women: Blanche Dubois and Stella Kowalski. Stella has found herself married to Stanley, physically compelling but mean, low class and crass. Since he virtually "invented" the wife beater t-shirt, I"m sure you can see which of our present-day ladies I"m alluding to here. Stella has found herself pregnant and run-down, living in a cheap walk-up and her prospects are dim. Has she lowered herself in marrying the hapless Stanley? Decidedly yes, but she found herself hopelessly drawn to his animal qualities. She"s trapped, both by circumstance and by her own desires. Tragic, but not as tragic as ………. Blanche. Now here is a woman who"s gone from bad luck to delusional in one fell swoop. She"s friendless (remember the bit about relying on the kindness of strangers - how sad is that?), she"s lost everything but her pride and ability to deny the truth. Her naïve dignity and haughty airs in the face of abject failure make her situation tragic in way that Stella"s could never match. She won"t admit her weakness, and can"t confront her demons. While Stella is sad, Blanche is devastatingly crushing. Stella has known sadness. Blanche IS sadness.