Her mother thinks she’ll win an Oscar, she herself went off a few months ago about being stalked by imaginary enemies and needing help from Al Gore, now Lindsay Lohan is talking sh-t yet again, this time about having to play security for her friends and family and how clubbing, even as a recovering addict, will always be part of her life.

Clearly, the Lohans are f&cked in the head.

New interview with Allure, Lilo on having to protect her loved ones:

“"When my friends and family are around me I feel like they"re safe . . . When my friends have left me - I"ve just seen everything collapse. They"re not safe without me.” Which reminds me of the time she said she wanted to embark on a goodwill mission to Iraq and felt she’d manage fine because she’d been practicing at the shooting range with her bodyguard…WTF???

As for the incessant partying, even after having gone through rehab, she says it will continue, that she will not stop clubbing because “That’s my life!” though you’ll recall 6 months ago, she also said that stories of her ubiquitous presence at every Hollywood hotspot were greatly exaggerated.

And in regards to getting clean, she first drew parallels between her status and Marilyn Monroe’s (!!!) and then said she never expected to be the kind of person who needed rehab: “It"s so weird that I went to rehab. I always said I would die before I went to rehab." But then not a few minutes later, Lilo the Unstable goes on to say: "Everybody"s tired of hearing things about me and (my friends) . . . I think it"s just better for me to lie low and get better."

I’m telling you…Crystal Meth Psychosis. She’ll be bald next. Watch.

Here she is out per usual the other night in LA. Girl is only 20 and has more lines on her neck than I do. Shame.