GQ that is. Check it out - La Lohan in all her tarty glory, showing us exactly why she"s dominating the smut scene these days, with a stern “f&ck you” message sent directly to Paris Hilton about who really owns it and who really deserves it. My girl has a great bottom, doesn"t she? A great bottom that"s loading up the mileage. Another week, another boy. Here"s Lilo getting mauled by her flavour of the moment. Some dude named Harry who owns some kind of taco joint. And no, I can"t be bothered to learn all the unimportant details. What matters is that he"s rich, he"s pretty hot, and he"s clearly tapping that ass. And that"s the great thing about Lindsay, you know? She can be a total slut and screw half of Hollywood and I still don’t hate her for it. In fact, I almost celebrate her brazen, unmitigated, non stop f&cking. Because there is a subtle difference between a girl who"s just horny and girl who"s just a whore. Lindsay is horny. Paris is a whore. And I"ll take horny over whore-y any day. Photo source