Lindsay Lohan: self harming?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 17, 2006 12:00:00 November 17, 2006 12:00:00
According to The Sun, these marks on her wrist are the result of cutting – contrary to what her publicist said about a fractured wrist or a minor scrape, The Sun had a medical professional analyse the marks and contends that my Lilo’s wounds could be self inflicted. Nothing to joke about. For our kids at Covenant House Vancouver, self harm is sometimes the only way to feel alive. Numbed by neglect and trauma abuse, at-risk youth will cut themselves to find if they can still respond to pain – in doing so, in receiving gratification from the response, they repeat it over and over to remind themselves that this sh-t is real. Self harm is obviously rooted in other factors but the point is – self harm is a serious sign of distress. Lindsay Lohan is distressed. Lindsay Lohan is in desperate need of a guardian who isn’t throwing back Cristal every night and trying to be the White Oprah. Lindsay Lohan needs better friends. Lindsay Lohan needs someone like David Crosby who took in Drew Barrymore when she rehabbed herself away from her mother. Lindsay Lohan needs anything but that sorry ass excuse for a parent Dina Lohan hellbent on making up for her own 20s and pimping her child out to achieve it. Believe me, gossips, PIMPING is exactly the right word. In gleefully thrusting 2 daughters into the seedy world of Hollywood, prematurely stripping their innocence, exposing them to exploitation, turning her children into commodities to be traded and trafficked, Dina Lohan is entirely responsible for what Lindsay has become and what she will become if she doesn’t pull her sh-t together. I adore Lilo. Pray Goddess Drew will bring her flowers and her healing stones and come along and save her. Source

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