These bitches need to make up their f&cking minds. TMZ has a clip of Dina Lohan’s comments on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning to promote Ali Lohan’s Christmas album. Shockingly enough, Ryan decided to grow some balls and ask Dina on the air about Lilo’s AA visits – if it’s true that she goes and why. Dina said that it was because Lindsay had many friends who are recovering and that it’s a “positive”. Then she goes on to say that as a parent you can only do so much, that Lindsay makes her own decisions, but that her daughter also called her “EVERY DAY” to ask for advice. Next thing you know, an article comes out from USA Today, in which Lindsay, when asked about a story in the National Enquirer that she reported she had OD’d a few weeks ago, admits that a doctor was summoned to the hotel on the night in question but gives no further details about why, only saying that the incident was blown out of proportion, and confirming that "Of course I"m going to drink." So she lives in a hotel, she parties all night, to the point where medical supervision is required, but the substance (mis)use doesn’t stop…and this is what Dina Lohan characterizes as “POSITIVE”? Some of you might say that Lindsay is an adult, that she is responsible for her own actions now. But the point is Lindsay was not an adult several years ago, she certainly wasn’t an adult when she was growing up on film sets or, for that matter, living with Wilmer Valderrama. Just because Dina can’t stop the trainwreck, doesn’t mean she didn’t start it. And now she’s f*cking up #2. Oh joy. Source