They took to the internets to call Sarah Palin a “narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe” but only after hosting the biggest party in the history of Ultra Supper Club in Toronto. That sh*t was bananas.

Some have questioned after all her rehab drama whether or not Lindsay Lohan is still Lindsay Lohan. Does Lindsay Lohan still matter?

After seeing what we saw on Friday night, like it or not, no one on the jaded media line would argue with this: Yes… Lilo still matters.

The fans… they were so hyped to see her, they couldn’t wait to watch her, all of Queen Street was buzzing to be close to her, desperate clubgoers standing in a crowd 10 deep outside Ultra were begging to get in, to pay $30 each for the privilege of partying with the Lohan – this after 2 weeks of celebrity overdose, during which some of the most high profile stars came through the city… Lindsay Lohan threatened to eclipse them all.

Of course the smutty sense is tingling, yes she’s been to the brink and could go there again, will probably go there again, but I’m telling you, on Friday night, at Ultra, in person, seeing her and talking to her, after seeing and talking to so many prior to her all week long at TIFF, it is irrefutable. Lindsay Lohan in spite of all her flaws, or perhaps because of them, Lindsay Lohan still has that thing they call “It”.

She is a star.

Skinny as sh*t but much prettier up close – gorgeous actually – a little bit skittish, and full on dramz every second but overflowing with the kind of elusive star quality that some of them have to buy (Jennifer Aniston) or some of them, as in the case of the the Heidi Montags of the world, simply will never capture.

Now the question is… will she piss it all away?

Read and riddle in the days to come…

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