Apparently Timbaland wants to do it – record with Britney, “save” her career, take her away and make great music and make it all better. And he says that Pip is open to it too – so long as she’s serious and works hard. Hope, gossips. See? It’s called hope. If major players are still willing to go there, to lift her up, maybe exploit her a little (who are we kidding –they’d make a killing!) our girl ain’t dead yet. IF she can get clean. And not the way Lilo got clean. As for all those reports of her struggling in rehab and wanting to bust out – Um…like… since when did rehab become a joyride? Since when did rehab become easy? If she’s doing it right, it’s definitely not the Lohan Wonderland. Rehab is about struggle. She’s fighting. Let her fight. I still believe. Source