Total gorgessity at the Sony event for Marie Antoinette the other night, getting better and better every time we see her, and an uncanny physical similarity to Linday Lohan - or vice versa. I"ve noted the parallel before but never on the physical, yet now that you see it side by side, it is undeniable, non? Undeniable and also very promising. If Drew could overcome her family ghosts and addictions and child star insecurity AND Tom Green, who"s to say Lilo can"t do the same? The key to salvation? Well, in Drew"s case, she froze out her mother. Not that I condone such a breach of filial piety but then again…something tells me Confucious wouldn"t exactly have approved of Dina Lohan either. On the subject of Lindsay - a juicy piece of gossip. Rumour has it she"s trying to court Sofia Coppola, desperately wants to work with her, was super nice and super gushy at last week"s screening, and apparently it doesn"t sit well that her nemesis Scarlett Johansson has the rare honour of appearing in a Sofia production. As you can you imagine, Lohan supposedly hankers for the same opportunity and it"s not a bad idea, a perfect catalyst to turn her sh*t around, if she can earn what Sofia can give. Back to Drew and her recent glow - sounds corny but by all accounts, she"s in a very good place with work, with Fab, with friends, and from what I hear, no plans to marry just yet, but I do hear she"d rather have a baby first.