The best time of their lives, and it certainly looks that way, non? British rags are said to be highly disappointed that the two young starlets, dramatic in their own unique ways, have been getting on beautifully on the set of their new movie, getting along so well in fact that it’s been impossible even to make up a story – tragic, non?

I’m told Keira and Sienna aren’t super close but they are professional, they respect each other, they are friendly, and they are having a great time without having to be best friends. Girls getting along…am shocked but pleasantly surprised.

Here are a few photos taken yesterday – shots that would never have happened with Lindsay Lohan who, of course, was originally slated in Sienna’s role. Not that Miller is my preference but can you imagine? Can you imagine if Sienna attracts awards hype? Can you imagine then how Lilo will deal? Hee.

Also attaching Keira’s new underwhelming Vogue cover. And note my Gwynnie named as one of the 45 Best Dressed Girls of Summer – of course Anna Wintour loves my Gwyneth. All bitches love my Gwyneth.