Maybe it’s just my holiday positivity. I asked for a geeky video game for Christmas, I think I might be getting it. Maybe that’s what it is – the thought of getting through the 3 days with my screaming nephews and niece hiding away in a corner with my Brain Age, perhaps that explains the charitable outlook… So call me Cruise but I think Lindsay Lohan looks better. At the Nefarious event last night - less puffy, less Elvis, less…pinned. She says she stopped drinking. Says it’s been a week, says she’s made some new choices that have framed her new approach, say she doesn’t want to be “written about at these clubs with these people”, that she prefers instead to “work, act…have a living.” Sound familiar? Yes. It’s not the first time she’s tried to grow up, likely won’t be the last. But you know I’m a big fan. You know she’s my girl. Even with the Dirty Face and the inadequate mother, even though I worry she’s permanently damaged and mildly schizophrenic from crystal meth, I love Lindsay Lohan. And above all, I love her hair. I covet that hair. Asians don’t get hair like that without assistance and a perm. A perm for Christmas? I’m going to ask. Source