I’m not kidding you. Dina Lohan has invited Entertainment Tonight with her on her trip from NYC to LA “to reunite with Lindsay in rehab.” Call me Cruise but even I didn’t think that bitch was this greedy. Her “reasoning”: Dina wants to stop the “madness and the lies”, to set the record straight about her daughter and put an end to paparazzi intrusion. "I"m doing this now because when she finishes up the program, they"re just going to be following her to see if she messes up. It"s just a horrible thing, and someone"s going to get seriously hurt." Right. Because Lilo never COURTS the pappies, right? Because she didn’t raise a child attention whore who can’t live away from the spotlight…right? And of course, in typical Dina denial, she continues to refuse to take ownership and responsibility over any part of Lindsay’s troubles: "I wanted her to not work, but she said, "Mommy, this is what I do." And this is what she does every day -- this is her life." Thing is, it doesn’t take the Mother of the Year to properly advocate for a child. My mother doesn’t even come close to Mother of the Year. And still, she’d destroy Dina Lohan. I remember screwing up large when I was 22 – over a loser of a guy, of course. My mother, in a rare moment of compassion, said to me – you’ll still be my baby, even when you’re 80. And if you’re making a mistake, I will bust my ass to stop you, even if it means sitting outside your door…you’ll have to step on your own mother, do you know how much pain you caused me coming out at 9 pounds?? (she’s frickin’ dramatic, non?) Well you’ll just have trample on your mother (she speaks in the 3rd person), you’ll just have to desecrate the body of your own mother and the gods in heaven will tear apart your soul! The point? Dina Lohan is too busy defending herself to save her child. Because what mother in her right f&cking mind, even if she’s “legally” an adult, what mother would be ok with her daughter leaving rehab after only 10 days to go back to work? Back to the stress of showbiz, back to an environment that clearly contributed to her toxic lifestyle…and even worse, TAKE THE CAMERAS ALONG FOR THE RIDE??? If it was my Chinese Squawking Chicken Mother, she would have moved in to Wonderland with me and set up a mahjong table outside my door, never mind skank bag Dina Lohan and her shameless public audition for Oprah’s job courtesy of Entertainment Tonight – there to document every move during, in my opinion, what’s essentially become an alternative form of child prostitution. Here’s the promo for their piece on their website – get ready to Rossum:: “As a Hollywood mom, DINA LOHAN could sit back and watch the frenzy going on around her daughter, but instead, she"s choosing to fight back as she gives ET and entertainment correspondent GINA GLICKMAN full access to her trip from New York to Los Angeles to reunite with LINDSAY in rehab.” Remember Truth or Dare? Madonna’s killer “documentary”. Man, I lived that sh-t backwards and forwards for like 2 years. In one scene, when Madonna has a throat infection, she’s dating Warren Beatty at the time (???) and the doctor asks her if she’d like to talk “off camera”, to which she replied that she wanted the cameras kept on. And I’ll always love what Warren said after that, something about his delivery, and the way he flipped his wrist, his voice trails off at the end: She doesn"t want to live off camera, much less talk. There’s nothing to say off camera. Why would you say something if it"s off camera? What point is there.... existing? Indeed Dina. What point is there existing without the opportunity of exploiting your children at every turn? Source